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Do what you want with the code. This was written entirely for fun. I've just
started learning Python, so please be gracious that the code is not perfect.
It's also quickly hacked together and was adopted as the need arised which
doesn't make things better :). Anyway, have fun. If you have questions or
otherwise want to talk to me, you can reach me via Jabber:

Now for some whacky documentation:

LetterCreator is a little tool for creating colorful animations on the large
CCC-letters standing by the lake at HAR2009. The letters have to be
programmed in a serial way, are however capable of parallel operation (there
can be a different fading for each LED go on at the same time). This
collection of python stuff tries to enable programming the letters in a
parallel way.

The basic class for defining color transitions is ColorStream. It describes
the color transition over time for a specific LED/letter/whatever (basically
everything that can be defined by the ID-field). The methods "wait",
"setColor" and "fadeColor". So if we want to let the first letter start
from black, then fade to red, white, green and back to black, this would
look like this:

C1 = ColorStream('1')

Please note, the durations for fadings are in ms, the conversion to the
speed parameter is done internally and you will get a warning if speed
goes out of allowed range (>1000).

The field "commands" will now contain a dictionary having the time when
the command should occur as key and the command itself as value. The
commands from several parallel ColorStreams can now be interweaved
into one big dictionary. If times collide, the command will be continously
delayed by 10ms (minimum execution time) until a free slot is found.
If there is too much going on in parallel, this delay can reach significant
values and if it's more than 100ms, an exception will be raised. Either
change the maximum value or reduce the amound of concurrent events to
remove this error. An example for interweaving:

final = interweave(C1.commands, C2.commands)
final = interweave(final, C3.commands)

Use "makeprogram" to create the final program which runs on the installation.
This function will analyse the stream of commands and will insert
wait-functions as needed. This is usually a tedious task to do by hand for
complex animations and the main reason that this code was written.

You find the complete example in "". A more complex example which
fades each individual block in tones of orange, throwing in quick fades
to blue-green for whole letters, is found in "".