Abstracts social network-ish behaviour over email on Arduino with WIFI chip
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This is a C++ Library for reading / writing email messages from an Arduino. The Arduino is connected via WIFI (the ESP8266 chip), and must have a decent amount of memory (for eg. the Mega).

This library depends on the PolygonDoorESP8266 library: https://github.com/polygondoor/PolygonDoor_ESP8266


Source can be download at https://github.com/polygondoor/HackySoc

How to get started

First, please download and install PolygonDoorESP8266.

Visit http://polygondoor.com.au/2016/01/06/adding-wifi-to-the-arduino/ to see how to wire up (and power) the ESP8266 chip on an Arduino.

API List

bool connectToAP(String ssid, String pwd);

bool sendMessage(String recipient, String subject, String body);

int  countInbox(void);

bool getNewMessage(void);

Mainboard Requires

  • RAM: not less than 2KBytes
  • Serial: one serial (HardwareSerial or SoftwareSerial) at least

Suppported Mainboards

  • Arduino MEGA and its derivatives

The End!