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Last Two Minute Report

Converts all PDFs released by the NBA's Last Two Minute Report to a single csv file. Additionally determines advantaged/disadvantaged team, and referees for that game.

The code is a bit involved because the NBA doesn't stick to a consistent format! Converting all the games at once takes a while since it needs to fetch supplemental data from Basketball Reference.



  • Clone repo and run npm i
  • Run make setup

in web:

  • gulp prod
  • make live

Get latest games from archive

npm run get-games [max] (optionally pass a number [max] to only download recent games)

Parse game data into csv

npm run parse-games

Concat to single csv

make concat

Manual fixes

  • conversion of pdf to text for L2M-BKN-ORL-12-16-16.pdf resulted in a period + line break for the last entry
  • Waiting on Video links for L2M-PHI-WAS-10-18-2017



  • make latest
  • manually update csv to remove alternate ref
  • make concat
  • make incorrect
  • manually update custom/incorrect_call_with_ref.csv
  • make merge-incorrect
  • make commit-latest
  • make web-data
  • make copy-data
  • make commit-web
  • cd web; gulp prod; make live