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Polymath Toro V1.3.0 (Mainnet Release Candidate)



Contract Address
Polymath Registry Address: 0x05a6519e49e34239f78167abf293d94dae61b299
Ticker Registry Address: 0xc9af1d88fe48c8a6aa8677a29a89b0a6ae78f5a8
Module Registry Address: 0x961913dcbe2f36176bf25774337f3277796820eb
Security Token Registry Address: 0xced6e4ec2ac5425743bf4edf4d4e476120b8fc72
Capped STO Factory Address: 0xde4f3cfb6b214e60c4e69e6dfc95ede3c4e3d709
General Permission Manager Factory: 0x6f5fec2934a34d2e2374042cca6505f1c87ef79b
Count Transfer Manager Factory: 0xb540b6fa752a91c7e7834523172309e543a99a06
Percentage Transfer Manager Factory: 0xfe908f07e6db57aa6bbd8374e59aac86b60374b0
ETH Dividends Checkpoint Factory: 0x870a07d45b0f4c5653fc29a4cb0697a01e0224b1
ERC20 Dividends Checkpoint Factory: 0x7e823f5df6ed1bb6cc005c692febc6aedf3b8889



Contract Address
Polymath Registry Address: 0x06595656b93ce14834f0d22b7bbda4382d5ab510
Ticker Registry Address: 0xc31714e6759a1ee26db1d06af1ed276340cd4233
Module Registry Address: 0x31d85fffd7e38bd42d2ae0409ac149e3ef0fd92c
Security Token Registry Address: 0xef58491224958d978facf55d2120c55a24516b98
Capped STO Factory Address: 0x2aa1b133f464ac08f66c2f702581d014e4603d31
General Permission Manager Factory: 0xeba0348e243f2de2f1687060f9c795ac279c66af
Count Transfer Manager Factory: 0xa662a05647a8e713be1bed193c094805d20471ff
Percentage Transfer Manager Factory: 0x3870ee581a0528d24a6216311fcfa78f95a00593
ETH Dividends Checkpoint Factory: 0x0da7ed8789348ac40937cf6ae8ff521eee43816c
ERC20 Dividends Checkpoint Factory: 0x6950096964b7adae34d5a3d1792fe73afbe9ddbc
STVersionProxy001: 0xb19e341f45412d0e2661aea25cadc75b7d03039d

WE.R.LIVE Token v1.3.0 - MAINNET

Token: 0x118A0df120cfB097aaD3A70914562F803A5bE45C
STO: 0x166012f219FB070330E814c9FC24EEa578A33765

New Features

  • CLI: Module manager CLI
  • Implemented finishedIssuerMinting / finishedSTOMinting. The former permanently forbids the issuer from minting tokens. The latter permanently forbids STO modules from minting tokens.


  • Removed _locked parameter from modules. This was only used on STOs to allow the issuer to indicate they would not be minting more tokens after the STO (since it wouldn't be possible to remove it), but now we have the finishedSTOMinting flag that they can use to indicate so in a more transparent way.
  • Added registry of registries. Contracts should point to the registry which acts as a proxy and delegates to the corresponding registry contract.
  • CLI: Added support for raises in POLY
  • CLI: Major refactoring and cosmetic upgrades
  • Updated to Open Zeppelin 1.10
  • Updated to Truffle truffle to 4.1.11 and solc to 0.4.24
  • Added ModifyWhitelistMulti to Percentage Transfer Manager


  • Increased test coverage
  • Addressed comments in CoinMercenary's Security Audit
  • Addressed comments in Solidified's Security Audit
  • Fixed bug that allowed Issuer to keep minting tokens even if an STO was present.
  • CLI: Now using gasEstimate instead of hardcoded gas limits.
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