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Polymath V1.4.0



Contract Address
Polymath Registry Address: 0x05a6519e49e34239f78167abf293d94dae61b299
Ticker Registry Address: 0xc9af1d88fe48c8a6aa8677a29a89b0a6ae78f5a8
Module Registry Address: 0x961913dcbe2f36176bf25774337f3277796820eb
Security Token Registry Address: 0xced6e4ec2ac5425743bf4edf4d4e476120b8fc72
Capped STO Factory Address (v1.4.0): 0x4527f1629b1d32ad8b900edebb766967c9c78715
General Permission Manager Factory: 0x6f5fec2934a34d2e2374042cca6505f1c87ef79b
Count Transfer Manager Factory: 0xb540b6fa752a91c7e7834523172309e543a99a06
Percentage Transfer Manager Factory: 0xfe908f07e6db57aa6bbd8374e59aac86b60374b0
ETH Dividends Checkpoint Factory: 0x870a07d45b0f4c5653fc29a4cb0697a01e0224b1
ERC20 Dividends Checkpoint Factory: 0x7e823f5df6ed1bb6cc005c692febc6aedf3b8889
USD Tiered STO Factory: 0xcee7b602b6fc093c76f1bfcb05af6df7a9d39725
Manual Approval Transfer Manager Factory: 0x29ddb99a531b1b3741358c220d16aa2f3efe16e1



New Features

  • USDTieredSTO module added as a new STO type. Allows to raise with multiple tiers while pegging price to USD. The USDTieredSTO contract gets the USD to POLY/ETH rate from the STR which contains references to pricing oracles.
  • Added PolyOracle to get POLY/USD price for the USDTieredSTO.
  • Added MakerDAOOracle to get ETH/USD price for the USDTieredSTO.
  • Added CLI for USDTieredSTO.
  • Scripts for monitoring Oracles' status.
  • Scripts for monitoring Polymath stats (Tokens registered, tokens deployed, STOs launched).
  • STR Data Migration script.
  • Encrypted API Key for CMC queries in PolyOracle.


  • Modified CappedSTOFactory to comply with minor interface changes in iSTO. It now uses a mapping named fundRaiseType to specify the fundraise type (ETH / POLY)
  • Remove endData update from unpause function
  • Allow custom tokens to be added when STR is paused
  • PolyOracle does not revert on out of order callbacks (silently ignores instead)
  • Removed USDTieredSTO > STR dependency by moving oracle registry to PolymathRegistry


  • Modified function name in TickerRegistry and SecurityTokenRegistry from changePolyRegisterationFee to changePolyRegistrationFee. Event name is modified too from LogChangePolyRegisterationFee to LogChangePolyRegistrationFee
  • Minor CLI fixes
  • Rounding edge cases in USDTieredSTO.sol that could have reverted valid transactions
  • Bug in ManualApprovalTransferManager that allowed anyone to reduce anyone's transfer allowance
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