All things related to the Polymer project - Roadmap, Code of Conduct, How to Contribute, and more.
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Polymer Project

Welcome to the Polymer project repo. This is the meta-repo for all things Polymer project - the core team's roadmap, the community code of conduct, and the contributing guide.

What is Polymer?

Polymer is a web development library based on the Web Components standards, that makes it easy to build composable, interoperable, encapsulated elements. For more information, see the Polymer project site.

Table of Contents

  • Roadmap: The core project's roadmap - what the core team is looking to work on in the near future.
  • Code of Conduct: Be excellent to each other - our Code of Conduct that the team expects all contributors to the project, mailing lists, and communities to adhere to.
  • Contributing: The core Polymer team ❤️ contributions. This describes how you can contribute to the Polymer Project.