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#Ariadne - A framework for Codekit

This is designed to be combiation of both twitter bootstrap and bourbon.

Why when you can easily use both. Twitter bootstrap is great but is designed to be used with a lot of extra classes floating about our markup -- I am aware that you can easily avoid this but I am talking common usage. This is designed more as a mixin library for common values to keep our class names clean and is built on the philosophy if you write some specific code more than once it belongs in a framework while keeping our output css clean.

If you want to contribute then that is great submit a pull request and I will look at it. (It is quite likely that I will accept it if you follow graceful downgrade principle and work towards modern markup[Buzzwords include HTML5 and CSS3])

##Kit Files

Also there is now html5 boilerplate header and footer files for you to import

Just set the following variables at the top of your file.

for the title to the site for the meta description where your stylesheet will end up where you put modernizr where the local jQuery is Your plugin file Your scripts file Your google analytics id

And an and a around your content and your done with that stuff.