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@dcjm dcjm released this Mar 11, 2019 · 61 commits to master since this release

Poly/ML 5.8

Major Changes

  • Option to create a version that supports 32-bit values for the X86/64 platform with a heap size of up to 16Gbytes.

Minor Changes

  • Addition of Real32 structure for 32-bit floating point values.
  • Improved code-generation of booleans and conditionals.
  • Additional statistics via PolyML.Statistics.getLocal/Remotestatistics.
  • Changes and speed-ups to IO and Networking.
  • Avoids mutex lock at the start of run-time calls which resulted in contention in arbitrary precision arithmetic.
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@dcjm dcjm released this Nov 26, 2017 · 570 commits to master since this release

Poly/ML 5.7.1

Major Changes

This release fixes a number of bugs and timing issues in version 5.7 mainly related to the code-generator.

Minor Changes

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@dcjm dcjm released this Apr 25, 2017 · 860 commits to master since this release

Poly/ML 5.7

Major Changes

Major rewrite of the code-generator particularly for X86.

Major changes to the interface between ML code and the run-time system.
Integer arithmetic is now fixed precision by default. Arbitrary precision arithmetic is a separate type.
Improved byte-code interpreter for non-X86 platforms.
PolyML.exception_trace is no longer supported.

Minor Changes

Removal of the special case representation of single-character strings.

Added support for additional architectures using the byte-code interpreter.

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