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build tests License: MIT Track on Discord

Check out the live WebGL/WebAssembly Samples!

Supported Platforms

  • Operating System: Windows (x64), macOS, iOS, Linux (x64), WebAssembly, Android (wip).
  • Compilers: vs2017+, Clang 6+, Apple LLVM 9+, Gcc 7+, emcc 2.0.
  • Rendering Backends: Direct3D11, OpenGL3.1+, OpenGLES3+, WebGL 2.0, Metal, Vulkan (wip).
  • Shader Langauges: HLSL Shader Model 3.0+, GLSL 330+, Metal, SPIR-V.


  • Lightweight: Minimalistic, simple apis, shallow call stacks.
  • Data-Oriented: Instruction and data cache friendly design for optimal performance.
  • Multithreaded: Async render, physics, audio and entity component system.
  • Low-level abstractions: Input, gamepad, timers, threads, window, os, file system, etc.
  • Live-reloading: Dynamically reload c++, shaders and render pipleines.
  • Ecs: Entity component system and root motion animation system.
  • Pmfx: Scriptable renderer, shader, compute and post-processing system.
  • Tools: Graphical editor, mesh optimiser, volume texture / sdf generator.
  • Build Pipeline: project generation, compilation, asset building and packaging.
  • Examples: 40+ samples and unit tests.
  • Example Game: Dr. Scientist is a demo game using pmtech.
  • Visit the wiki for more information.


  • Take a look at the Building instructions to get started.
  • All features in pmtech are demonstrated and unit tested through examples.


Dr. Scientist. - an example game with root motion animation and kinematic physics character controller Global Illumination + Temporal Anti-Aliasing. Area Lights. Subsurface Scattering. Signed Distance Field Shadows. Renderer Scriptable Renderer. 100 Lights using Forward, Deferred or Z-Prepass. Post Processing Scriptable Post-Processing. Ray Marched Menger Sponges, Depth of Field, Bloom. Stencil Shadow Volumes. 64k Data-Oriented Entities, Multiple Shadow Maps, Texture Arrays. Vertex Stream Out Vertex Stream Out, Instanced Skinning, PBR, Oren Nayar, Cook Torrence. Directional, spot and point light shadows.