Material Design color palette for your Sass projects.
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Quantum Colors Logo

Use the color palette from Google's Material Design spec in your Sass projects.


  • Install via Bower bower install quantum-colors --save
  • Download and add to your project manually


Import Quantum Colors at the top of your Sass files. For example:

@import "../bower_components/quantum-colors/quantum-colors";

With the exception of $black and $white, all colors use the naming convention presented in the Material Design spec. For example, to use Red 500 as a background color:

.my-red-thing {
    background-color: $red-500;

That's all there is to it. If you find any bugs or have suggestions for a future version, please feel free to submit an issue.


v1.1.0 (02-24-2016):

  • Update $blue series to match Google's updated palette (thanks to @mingjuitsai)

v1.0.1 (10-01-2014):

  • Fix a bug with Amber A700

v1.0.0 (10-01-2014):

  • First release
  • Bower support
  • Discoverable on Sache