Curated list of learning resources for our beloved interns / junior / senior devs
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Learn: Polypodes Self-training

"Determining where to invest your time and energy for growth as a developer is the single most important thought process that you will undertake."

(source: 10 Skills Developers Should Invest In for 2014)

What will you learn today?

We want to create a culture of Learning & Innovation: Here are our actual learning resources for our beloved interns / junior / senior devs: Front-end, back-end, architecture, persistence, UX, etc: this is our own web literacy review.

Workshops & Katas

A workshops Program is now proposed to the team.

Intership Program

A dedicated Learning Program is available for our internship candidates

[fr] Pour les élèves de 3ème, voici notre programme de stage niveau Collège

Fork it

Please add only resources related to learning ("courses") : no tech watch links list, no "cool libs" list, only courses links & learning-related materials please.