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Polys Protocol

UPD: We’re still preparing the open-source Polys protocol code. It is taking longer than expected, but we’re doing our best to make the code public as soon as possible. We are currently auditing the Polys protocol code internally.

We are currently preparing to open-source our Polys protocol code. That means you’ll soon be able to verify and audit the code for yourself. Moreover, you’ll be able to look through our current Ethereum Smart Contracts and the beta version of the JS library.

A little later, we plan to publish several sample programs and CLI tools you can use to ensure your vote really has been accepted and that the whole system is working correctly.

That’s why we’re looking forward to your comments, reviews and questions. Every response will make our product better and help us achieve the great goal of creating a cutting-edge voting system that will change the way people vote.

We plan to complete all preparations by the end of 2017.