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import base64
import logging
from polyswarmclient.abstractmicroengine import AbstractMicroengine
from polyswarmclient.abstractscanner import AbstractScanner, ScanResult
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
EICAR = base64.b64decode(
class Scanner(AbstractScanner):
def __init__(self):
super(Scanner, self).__init__()
async def scan(self, guid, content, chain):
"""Scan an artifact
guid (str): GUID of the bounty under analysis, use to track artifacts in the same bounty
content (bytes): Content of the artifact to be scan
chain (str): Chain we are operating on
ScanResult: Result of this scan
if content == EICAR:
return ScanResult(bit=True, verdict=True)
return ScanResult(bit=True, verdict=False)
class Microengine(AbstractMicroengine):
Microengine which tests for the EICAR test file.
client (`Client`): Client to use
testing (int): How many test bounties to respond to
chains (set[str]): Chain(s) to operate on
def __init__(self, client, testing=0, scanner=None, chains=None):
"""Initialize Scanner"""
scanner = Scanner()
super().__init__(client, testing, scanner, chains)