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Version 0.1 (alpha)

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@mjkoo mjkoo released this 30 Apr 21:41
· 543 commits to master since this release

PolySwarm Alpha will deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that implements an end-to-end Bounty workflow. The chief goal with Alpha is to allow Ambassadors and Experts to test transactions on a PolySwarm test network (“testnet”) to provide early feedback and bug reports.

PolySwarm Alpha delivers the following:

  • Bounty Manager: a collection of contracts for assessing threat via Bounties
  • Artifact posting and retrieval to / from off-PolySwarm storage
  • Prototype algorithm for Arbiter selection
  • Reference implementations for Bounty publishing, Assertion response, and Arbiter ground truth determination

Need a fully synced Ethereum node (geth/parity/etc.) and an IPFS node accessible to the service, defaults to http://localhost:8545 and http://localhost:5001 respectively.

You can also run with docker-compose, see README.rst for details.