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EasyRaceLapTimer PocketEdition WebDriver

What's a PocketEdition?

The EasyRaceLapTimer PocketEdition is a VTX time tracking solution for single FPV Racing quads. You can obtain it from

What is a web driver and what is it good for?

Let's start from the beginning. The PocketEdition can be connected to the GPIO pins of a RaspberryPI via it's GND & SIG pins. The EasyRaceLapTimer software receives a ping when a lap got triggered. It works without any hassles but it was somehow limited.

With this webdriver, you can connect 4 PocketEditions (or more via an USB hub) to the RaspberryPI USB ports and have full control over the PocketEditions. You can select channels and change almost all available settings of the boxes. When a new lap gets triggered, the web driver notifies the EasyRaceLapTimer software of the new lap via an API call.

What's the advantage of this web driver?

Well, besides the fact that you have full control over the PocketEditions, you could use this web driver as a standalone tool. It's runs on Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

The GUI of the webdriver has also a serial log in which you can see what happens inside the PocketEdition.

There's also a small timing log table which shows the latest timing data of a PocketEdition. This table is very basic because the web driver is not a full race software but a driver. But nethertheless it could be used for training sessions with 4 people if you just want to see your lap timings.

The web driver could also be used to submit timing data to 3rd party software (programming required).

Transponder tokens for the EasyRaceLapTimer software

Here's the mapping for the transponder tokens used in the EasyRaceLapTimer software

PocketEdition 1 -> VTX_SENSOR_1
PocketEdition 2 -> VTX_SENSOR_2
PocketEdition 3 -> VTX_SENSOR_3
PocketEdition 4 -> VTX_SENSOR_4
PocketEdition 5 -> VTX_SENSOR_5

Installing & running

The webdriver is fully written in NodeJS & VueJS for the frontend. Installation is done via checking out this repository.

PocketEdition firmware requirement: 2.1.3 or higher

Then enter the following commands in the directory

npm install
npm start

Now go to http://localhost:3001 with your browser. Be sure to change localhost to the corresponding IP if you are running the software in a WIFI.

Be sure that you have nodejs installed!

To start the driver during boot proccess on rasbian, do the following

sudo npm install forever -g
sudo cp xtra/webdriver /etc/init.d
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/webdriver
sudo update-rc.d webdriver defaults

If you don't want to install the web driver on your own, check out one of the latest image releases of EasyRaceLapTimer. It might be alredy installed on it.


###Version 0.2###

  • added support for up to 8 PocketEditions. You need to use an active USB hub for adding the additional boxes to the Raspberry PI


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