An open Heroes of the Storm replay database where everyone can download replays
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HotsApi Build Status Join the chat at is an open Heroes of the Storm replay database where everyone can download replays. It stores replays in a public AWS S3 bucket (currently in "Requester pays" mode) and provides an API to query replay metadata. Use Hotsapi.Uploader (repo link) to upload your replay files.

There are API libraries for Ruby and Python

Currently API is still in alpha and may change


HotsApi is a PHP/Laravel app so the easiest way to run it locally is using Homestead. Alternatively, you can use a cookbook from hotsapi.chef repo that can automatically install all the dependencies and configure webserver.


In addition to default homestead config you will need:

  • Install heroprotocol parser: cd /opt && sudo git clone
  • Make a globally available heroprotocol executable: sudo ln -s /opt/heroprotocol/ /usr/bin/heroprotocol
  • Make sure heroprotocol has executable permission chmod +x /opt/heroprotocol/
  • Configure .env file cp .env.example .env
  • Run composer install
  • Run php artisan migrate
  • Make sure storage dir is writable


  • SSH into a clean Ubuntu 16.04 installation
  • Clone a chef repo git clone
  • cd hotsapi.chef
  • Create a chef config file cp chef.example.json chef.json
  • Modify chef.json if needed (test server should be able to start without any modifications)
  • Run chef sudo ./


Pull requests are very much appreciated. With community involvement we could get much more features in much shorter time. You can see the list of current tasks in project page. You can freely pick one from "backlog" or "high priority" columns and start working on it.