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TList<enumType> is being filled with the zero-value I32's #46

GeertJohan opened this Issue Oct 16, 2012 · 1 comment


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GeertJohan commented Oct 16, 2012

I have a enum definition in a file common.thrift :

enum LogLevel {

Then there's a struct and a service method in an other file logGet.thrift (including common.thrift):

struct QueryOptions {
    1: required common.LogEnvironment environment,
    2: required list<common.LogLevel> levels, //it's about this list containing the enum value defined in common.thrift

service LogGet {
    ResultList simpleGet(1: QueryOptions options);

The following generated Go method is where things go wrong (I believe). The method is supposed to read the TList values from the input protocol and push the values to QueryOptions.levels TList
Initially, the method doesn't work. It inserts a zero value (0) for each item that is pushed in the TList.
I found out that it wasn't working because the (TList).Push method verified that the given item has the right type. If not it inserts the zero value for the proper type.
This is done by TType.CoerceData() I believe.. Not sure....
Also, it seems the TList is created for I32 type. So apparently the mismatch between the types common.LogLevel and I32 makes Push() insert zero values.
So I edited the method to work. I commented out the 2 lines that where wrong, and added a line to do the push properly (using the "raw" I32 value).

func (p *QueryOptions) ReadField2(iprot thrift.TProtocol) (err thrift.TProtocolException) {
    _etype23, _size20, err := iprot.ReadListBegin()
    if err != nil {
        return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadField(-1, "p.Levels", "", err)
    p.Levels = thrift.NewTList(_etype23, _size20)  //info: log.Println(_etype23) gives I32
    for _i24 := 0; _i24 < _size20; _i24++ {
        v26, err27 := iprot.ReadI32()
        if err27 != nil {
            return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadField(0, "_elem25", "", err27)
        //_elem25 := common.LogLevel(v26) //wrong
        // p.Levels.Push(_elem25) //wrong
        p.Levels.Push(v26) //good
    err = iprot.ReadListEnd()
    if err != nil {
        return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadField(-1, "", "list", err)
    return err

GeertJohan commented Oct 16, 2012

I'm working on tests (thrift4go/tests) to reproduce and analyse this problem.

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