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thrift4go don't work well #58

skoo87 opened this Issue Nov 20, 2012 · 0 comments

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skoo87 commented Nov 20, 2012

I use thrift4go and the IDL file of hbase.thrift (, but I find thrift4go not work well.

the error may be here, the code is genrated by thrift4go and hbase.thrift. I will add some comments in
the codes to describe my question.

func (p TRowResult) ReadField2(iprot thrift.TProtocol) (err thrift.TProtocolException) {
_ktype72, _vtype73, _size71, err := iprot.ReadMapBegin()
if err != nil {
return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadField(-1, "p.Columns", "", err)
* fmt.Println(_ktype72)
* the type of "_ktype72" is STRING
p.Columns = thrift.NewTMap(_ktype72, _vtype73, _size71)
for _i75 := 0; _i75 < _size71; _i75++ {
v78, err79 := iprot.ReadBinary()
if err79 != nil {
return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadField(0, "_key76", "", err79)
_key76 := Text(v78) /
=============(Text: type Text []byte)====================*/
_val77 := NewTCell()
err82 := _val77.Read(iprot)
if err82 != nil {
return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadStruct("_val77TCell", err82)

             *  the type of _key76 is Text,  not []bye.   p.Columns is a thrift map.
             *  when the _key76 is Text, the method of Set can't put the key-value into map.
             * if I modify the code, to call "p.Columns.Set([]byte(_key76), _val77)", it's well.
             *  I follow the error, can arrived the function "func (p TType) CoerceData(data interface{}) (interface{}, bool)". Of course, the "case STRING" of the function don't handle Text type, so not work well.  
    p.Columns.Set(_key76, _val77)
err = iprot.ReadMapEnd()
if err != nil {
    return thrift.NewTProtocolExceptionReadField(-1, "", "map", err)
return err


I hope the bug can be fixed as soon as possible.
Thank you.

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