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BezierInfo-2 CI-CD

Dev repository for

Working on the code

  • To compile changes: npm start.
  • To run this dev version, run npm test, which will run a webserver and open http://localhost:8080 in your default browser.

Dev location

Dev requirements

Fonts required for proper LaTeX typesetting

All fonts come with TeXLive and MiKTeX, and should be easy to install. Note that you will need the modern OpenType (otf/ttf) fonts, not the obsolete type1 fonts.

  • en-GB fonts: TeX Gyre Pagella from the tex-gyre package
  • ja-JP font: IPAex Mincho from the ipaex package (not ipaex-type1)
  • zh-CN font: Arhpic gbsn from the arphic-ttf package (not arphic)
  • maths fonts: TeX Gyre Pagella Math fonts from the tex-gyre-math package

Running a build

As mentioned up top, run a build using npm start.

If you have all the prerequisites installed, this should "just work", although I can't make any guarantees on how long it will take: on my rather beefy workstation it takes around 85 seconds to run a build for all locales (en-GB, zh-CN, and ja-JP) when there are no new SVG images to generate.

Main site location


Interested in (helping with) localizing the Primer to your own language? That's awesome! Please read the instructions on how to start localizing and please file issues if anything is unclear.

Additional information

Interested in the actual architecture and tech stack? Read the blog post on how Webpack's sync processing and MathJAx's async processing were made to work together:

And read about the tech choices made to enable localization in:

Finally, a fair number of people have helped by filing PRs for fixes for typos small and large over the years, all of whom are listed on the contributors page for this project. And a special thanks goes out to Simon Cozens who went through the entire book to fix typos and phrasing.

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