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-<!-- PAGE_TITLE: Introduction to Canto -->
-When you start curating a paper, you will first be asked to supply the
-genes from your publication. You can then annotate your genes with any of
-these data types:
-% for my $an_type (@annotation_type_list) {
- <li>
- <h4><% $an_type->{display_name} %></h4>
- <div><% $an_type->{help_text} // '' %></div>
- </li>
-% }
-At present, gene names and product descriptions cannot be changed using Canto.
-Existing annotations also cannot be altered or deleted.
-If you have new gene names or updated product descriptions, or if you notice
-any errors in existing annotations, please put them in the comment box that
-you will see when you submit your annotations.
-Once you have begun curating, the information will be preserved at a stable URL, so
-you do not need to complete the curation in one session. You can use the
-'Contact curators' link at any point if you get stuck, or have any questions.
-Please note that you should only curate information supported by
-experiments supported in the paper you are curating. If you want to
-capture other information not directly shown in a particular paper,
-please <& /contact.mhtml, link_text => 'contact us directly' &>.
-If you have a large gene list with only one or two types of data (e.g. a
-phenotype screen), you may want to supply the data as spreadsheet rather than
-via Canto. Please <& /contact.mhtml, link_text => 'contact us directly' &> for format details.
-my @annotation_type_list = @{$c->config()->{annotation_type_list}};

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