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<div class="row-fluid">
<div class="span12">
<h1>Getting started</h1>
+<div class="row-fluid">
+<div class="span5">
When you start curating a paper, you will first be asked to supply the genes
-from your publication, and confirm the resulting gene list:
+from your publication:
+<div class="span6 offset1">
+And then to confirm the resulting gene list:
-<div class="row-fluid">
-<div class="span6">
- <a href="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/gene_list.png') %>"/><img src="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/gene_list_small.png') %>"/></a>
-<div class="span6">
- <a href="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/uploaded.png') %>"/><img src="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/uploaded_small.png') %>"/></a>
+<div class="thumbnails">
+<div class="span4">
+ <a class="thumbnail" href="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/gene_list.png') %>"/><img src="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/gene_list_small.png') %>"/></a>
+<div class="span2">
+<div class="span4">
+ <a class="thumbnail" href="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/uploaded.png') %>"/><img src="<% $c->uri_for('/static/images/docs/uploaded_small.png') %>"/></a>

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