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Create a deck (with mdx-deck) and a blog post from the same MDX
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Deck 'n' Blog

You write the MDX for your mdx-decks, and this Gatsby theme creates the deck and the blog post for you.


To use this theme in your Gatsby sites, follow these instructions:

  1. Init your Gatsby site

    mkdir my-gastby-site
    cd my-gastby-site
    npm install --save react react-dom gatsby gatsby-theme-deck-n-blog
    npm init -y
  2. Create gatsby-config.js:

    module.exports = {
      plugins: ["gatsby-theme-deck-n-blog"]
  3. Create a deck in decks/my-deck.mdx

    title: The Title
    date: 1986-02-20
    import { Intro, Content } from "gatsby-theme-deck-n-blog"
    This will only appear in the blog post as an intro an as the excerpt.
    # Slide 1
    This will appear in the blog post together with the slide 1
    # Slide 2
    This will appear in the blog post together with the slide 2
  4. Create another deck (yes, you need to create at least two decks!) in decks/another-deck.mdx

  5. Start your site

    npx gatsby develop
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