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Camelot segfaults at exit or when closing a window
There are 2 known bugs that cause Camelot to segfault :
* A bug in PyQt causing a segfault when the mainwindow
is distructed
* A bug in Qt when table models are destructed (this
happens both when closing a table or a form view)
These bugs are fixed in PyQt 4.7.x and Qt 4.7 rc1.
As long as Qt 4.7 is not yet available, the only way to
get around this is by compiling it. There are compilation
instructions in the 'debug' part of the Camelot manual.
How to get rid of sqlalchemy warnings
add a filter to ignore them::
def ignore_sa_warnings():
import warnings
from sqlalchemy.exc import SADeprecationWarning
warnings.simplefilter("ignore", SADeprecationWarning)
Use Camelot without its default model