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* Add SessionTransaction context manager
* Add :class:`camelot.view.action_steps.print_preview.PrintChart` action step.
* Adapt printing of charts to matplotlib 1.0
* Fix `maximum` field attribute of rating fields in editor and delegate.
* Workaround for form window hiding on Mac
Release 12.06.29
* ``camelot_manage``has been removed, since it did not contain essential functions
for the development of Camelot applications.
* Port the ``camelot_example`` application and :ref:`tutorial-videostore` to `Declarative`
* Add a toolbar to the form view, configurable through
the :meth:`camelot.admin.object_admin.ObjectAdmin.get_form_toolbar_actions` method.
* Move the progress widget from the removed status bar to the toolbar
* Add :class:`camelot.admin.table.ColumnGroup` in the list view.
.. image:: /_static/controls/column_group.png
* See :ref:`migrate-11.12.30` for documentation on how to upgrade an
existing Camelot project.
* Tracking of changes goes through the :class:`camelot.admin.object_admin.ObjectAdmin`
* Cleanup of the default Camelot models :
* they can be used independently of each other
* Persons, Organizations, etc. have been moved to :mod:``
* Simplification of the underlying tables
* The default `metadata` was moved :mod:`camelot.core.sql`
* Store user changed column width in settings and :ref:`field-attribute-column_width` field attribute
* :func:`camelot.admin.not_editable_admin.not_editable_admin` has an `actions` argument
* Reworked searching for translation files
* Portuguese (Brazil) translations
* Workaround for mainwindow bug on OS X
Release 11.12.30
* Fix inclusion of stylesheets and templates in the egg
Release 11.12.29
* Import from file wizard supports importing excel files
* A number of new :class:`ActionStep` classes that can be used in custom
:class:`Action` classes or serve as an example :
* :class:`camelot.view.action_steps.change_object.ChangeObjects`
* :class:`camelot.view.action_steps.gui.CloseView`
* :class:`camelot.view.action_steps.gui.MessageBox`
* :class:`camelot.view.action_steps.select_object.SelectObject`
* Move the repository to gitorious
* The toolbar in the one-to-many and many-to-many editor are configurable
using the :meth:`ObjectAdmin.get_related_toolbar_actions` method.
* Spanish translations
* Possibility to add a close button to a form and to customize the form
close action
* Filters can have a default value
* Main menu and toolbars are configurable in the :class:`ApplicationAdmin`
through the use of actions, which allows creation of reduced main windows
* Rewrite of Camelot functions behind toolbars and menus to actions, resulting
in a number of :class:`Action` classes with sample code :
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.application_action.ShowHelp`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.application_action.ShowAbout`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.application_action.Backup`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.application_action.Restore`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.form_action.CloseForm`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.OpenNewView`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToPreviousRow`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToNextRow`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToFirstRow`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ToLastRow`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ExportSpreadsheet`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.PrintPreview`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.SelectAll`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ImportFromFile`
* :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.ReplaceFieldContents`
* Move to SQLAlchemy 7.x
* Undefer all fields that are going to be used in a view when querying the
* Reduction of the lines of code with 4%
Release 11.11.16
* Implementation of the new actions proposal (:ref:`doc-actions`), please
consult the documentation and the tutorial (:ref:`tutorial-importer`) of the
actions to ease the migration. Most old style actions can be replaced with
the new style action :class:`camelot.admin.action.list_action.CallMethod`
* Delayed creation of widgets on tabs to improve performance for
screens with lots of fields
* Move to migrate 7.1
* New splashscreen
* Italian translations
* PySide compatibility
Release 11.09.10
* Refresh reexecutes queries in the table view
* Deleted entities are grayed out in the GUI if they are deleted when
* Add to new projects for easy packaging
* The settings mechanism becomes plugable
* Print preview does pdf export when no printer is available
* Wizard to create a new project
.. image:: /_static/actionsteps/change_object.png
* API documentation integrated with sphinx
* :class:`camelot.core.exception.UserException`, a subclass of Exception that
can be used to inform the user in a gentle way he should behave different.
.. image:: /_static/controls/user_exception.png
* Reduced memory usage
* Experimental PySide support
* Table views are sorted by primary key to avoid row flicker
* German, French and Dutch translations
* Generation of .po files integrated with setuptools
* Fixes of VirtualAddress editor
* example renamed to camelot_example to resolve naming conflicts with other
Release 11.05.13
* Faster opening of forms
* 'Home' tab with application actions
* add legend function to chart container
* Workspace maximizes when double clicking on tab bar
* Fix tab behavour of some editors
* Support for editing columns in the frozen part of a table view
* New DateTime Editor
.. image:: _static/editors/DateTimeEditor_editable.png
* More intuitive Code editor
* More intuitive navigation pane
.. image:: _static/controls/navigation_pane.png
* progress dialog when records are deleted
* FileEditor supports removing files after copying them
* EntityAdmin changes
* supports objects mapped with plain SQLAlchemy, documentation on how
to use this
* confirm_delete reworked to delete_mode
* expanded_list_search option to tune which fields show up
* ApplicationAdmin changes
* actions_changed_signal
* application actions show up in desktop workspace
.. image:: _static/controls/desktop_workspace.png
* postgres support for backup / restore
* new actions : DocxApplicationAction, PixmapFormAction
* Most editors now support background_color, editable and tooltip
as dynamic attributes
Release 10.11.27
* Tab based desktop
* Faster table view
* Improved search queries
* Much more dynamic field attributes : tooltip, background_color, editable,
choices, prefix, suffix, arrow
* Document merge wizard
.. image:: _static/mergedocumentwizard/wizard_widget.png
* Support for SQLAlchemy 0.6.x
* Charts and matplotlib integration
.. image:: _static/editors/ChartEditor_editable.png
* Move from PyExcelerator to xlwt and xlrd
* Move to new style signal/slot connections
* Support for frozen columns in a table view
* Faster backup and restore
Release 10.07.02
* Expanded search and filter options
.. image:: _static/controls/header_widget.png
* Search works for integer, date and float fields
.. image:: _static/controls/search_control.png
* Sorting in table views and OneToMany widgets
* Importer forces validation before importing
* User translatable labels on forms
* Litebox image preview for image fields
* New editors and delegates :
* NoteDelegate
.. image:: _static/editors/NoteEditor_editable.png
* LabelDelegate
* TextBoolDelegate
* i18n improvements
* Fix date editor on windows
* Add a default model to store batch job information
* Backup and restore available from the File menu
* More documentation
Release 09.12.07
* Sqlalchemy 5.6 compatible
* Dynamic background colors and tooltips
.. image:: _static/snippets/background_color.png
* Generic import wizard
.. image:: _static/importwizard/csv_wizard.png
* The busy indicator in the status bar
.. image:: _static/controls/status_bar.png
* Support for lazy translations
* Remove PIL dependency and only depend on QImage
* Support multiple levels of class inheritance in the model
* Various bugfixes, usability and speed improvements
* Code cleanup