MaemoParser is a thesis done at Dalarna University in spring 2012.
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MaemoParser is a thesis done at Dalarna University in spring 2012.


The demand to make an analysis of a mobile device in recent years has increased. For example, the police have increased the need to find evidence from the large amount of mobile devices available on the market. To analyze mobile devices can be complex and time-consuming and it requires fairly extensive knowledge.

The aim is to investigate the methods available to analyze mobile devices based on Maemo operating system. The goal is to both provide a general description of the various methods and to examine how information integrity can be ensured. In addition, a program that uses the most appropriate methods will be developed. The program's source code will then be submitted to the company.

A comparison has been made, where the differences in how information is stored has been made between similar operating systems that are very similar. Some of the methods that have been examined have been selected. The result was to use the selected methods and develop a program. The program will be used as a practical example of how information can be retrieved from a device running Maemo operating system.


  • Max Sidenstjärna(eco37)

All materials except for any images are licensed under GPLv3