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#!/usr/bin/env python
import effess
import os
import shutil
from app import App
import os.path as p
class OSXApp(App):
def get_contents_dir(self):
return p.join(self.stage_dir, 'Contents')
def stage(self, stage_dir, bundle, no_install, js_obfuscate):
if not stage_dir.endswith('.app'):
stage_dir += '.app'
App.stage(self, stage_dir, bundle=bundle, no_install=no_install, js_obfuscate=js_obfuscate)
defaults_exec = "defaults write " + + " WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true";
self.env.log(u'Copying kboot to %s' % self.contents)
self.executable_path = p.join(self.contents, 'MacOS',
effess.copy(p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'kboot'), self.executable_path)
self.env.log(u'Copying Mac resources to %s' % self.contents)
# Copy Info.plist to Contents
plist_file = p.join(self.contents, 'Info.plist')
effess.copy(p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'Info.plist'), plist_file)
effess.replace_vars(plist_file, {
'APPICON': 'titanium.icns',
'APPNIB': 'MainMenu',
'APPVER': self.version,
'APPVERSHORT': self.version
lproj_dir = p.join(self.contents, 'Resources', 'English.lproj')
effess.copy_to_dir(p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'MainMenu.nib'), lproj_dir)
# If there is an icon defined, create a custom titanium.icns file
if hasattr(self, 'image'):[
p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'makeicns'),
'-in', p.join(self.contents, 'Resources', self.image),
'-out', p.join(lproj_dir, 'titanium.icns')
effess.copy_to_dir(p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'titanium.icns'), lproj_dir)
# The installer also needs to have the application icon as well.
if no_install is False:
effess.copy_to_dir(p.join(lproj_dir, 'titanium.icns'),
p.join(self.contents, 'installer',' Installer', 'Contents',
'Resources', 'English.lproj'))
def package(self, package_dir, bundle=False):
target = p.join(package_dir, + ".dmg")
self.env.log("Running pkg-dmg %s => %s" % (self.stage_dir, target))
if p.exists(target): # Just in case.
self.env.ignore_errors(lambda: os.unlink(target))
dmg_background = self.get_installer_image('dmg_background',
p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'background.jpg'))[p.join(self.sdk_dir, 'pkg-dmg'),
'--source', '%s' % self.stage_dir,
'--target', '%s' % target, # Target DMG
'--volname', '%s' %, # Volume name
'--format', 'UDBZ',
'--sourcefile', # This --source argument should be a child of the root
'--copy', '%s/ds_store:/.DS_Store' % self.sdk_dir, # Copy in .DS_Store
'--mkdir', '/.background', # Create a .background folder
'--copy', '%s:/.background/background.jpg' % dmg_background,
'--symlink', '/Applications:/Applications'