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A buildout offline extension to run buildout offline consistently with no network connections.


Say you have a buildout.cfg that installs some egg:

parts = demo
eggs =

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = ...

If you run an offline buildout bin/buildout -o, this will fail. Buildout relies on either setuptool easy_install or distribute and will try to fetch your egg over the network. Since you asked for working offline if will fail or not even attempt to install things when offline.

By offline, I mean that not only I passed the offline flag to buildout but I have no network connection.

Why offline? sometimes you may have a slow connection or no connection. You want ot distribute a complete self-contained package that does not rely on a network-based repository to install everything. You may be behind a hard to configure proxy or inside a restricted network. Or more simply, you just want to ensure that your configuration is well controlled and that what is installed and configured is exactly what you packaged and tested.

Buildout in general does not work well without an internet connection and buildout offline mode does not really work offline.

The Solution

Just this extension to your buildout as well as these options...

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