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TODO from readme

  • Things in the readme that don't yet exist
    • Using Celery and CeleryBeat to collect metrics.
    • More example metrics created via dbag_init
    • A Mixpanel MetricType
    • Using data to define and organize arbitrary dashboards and customizations to the way specific metrics are displayed.


  • Fixed a crash when viewing the index page when no data had yet been collected
  • This changelog


  • Initial stable-ish release!
  • Django-dev-dashboard inspired templates and media for attractive data display
  • Easy creation and registration of custom MetricTypes via autodiscovery
  • Metric collection via a management command
  • Management command to generate a cron template
  • Initial ActiveUsersCount metric created via dbag_init management command for easy batteries-included usage.
  • dbag_fake_metrics command to fake 60 days worth data using a random normal distribution to make it easy to see how your templates look with some semi-reasonable data.
  • Parameterized MetricType based on filtering a queryset to make it easy to create a MetricType that performs a query on a custom Model.
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