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A django-application to bring frontend administration to django.

It adds a main toolbar with useful shortcuts (user account, admin, logout) which can be toggled.

It also allow to show object and list toolbar for editing, history and direct admin link.


In your settings.py Add frontadmin to your INSTALLED_APPS.

Displaying the main toolbar

To display the main toolbar you only need to add this code to your main template (ex: base.html).

In the <head> of your page you can include the required js/css using an include like this:

{% if user.is_authenticated and user.is_staff %}
{% include "frontadmin/frontadmin.inc.html" %}
{% endif %}

Then call the frontadmin_bar within the <body> tag with the request as sole parameter:

{% load frontadmin_tags %}
{% frontadmin_bar request %}

Displaying toolbar for objects

To display an edit toolbar for single object, simply do this:

{% load frontadmin_tags %}

{% frontadmin request object %}
{{ object }}
{% endfrontadmin %}

This works pretty well with block applications like django-generic-flatblocks:

{% load generic_flatblocks frontadmin_tags markup %}

{% gblock "home-intro" for "gblocks.Text" into "home_intro" %}
{% frontadmin request home_intro %}
{{ home_intro.text|textile }}
{% endfrontadmin %}

Displaying toolbar for object lists

Displaying the toolbar for object lists works in a similar way, except that we provide a app.Model path instead of a object:

{% load frontadmin_tags %}

{% frontadmin request "inventory.Product" %}
{% for product in product_list %}
<h1>{{ product.title }}</h1>
<p>{{ product.description }}</p>
{% endfor %}
{% endfrontadmin %}


Screenshot of toolbars. When logged in the toolbars appears over editable blocks. The main toolbar can be hidden, which hides all other toolbars as well:


When the "Admin" button is clicked on a toolbar, it takes the user to the admin page. When he clicks "Edit" it opens the edit form within an overlay:



This project was created and is sponsored by:


Motion Média (http://motion-m.ca)