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* Only require watchdog to be available if we're actually using the
autoreload functionality; thanks Andrew Pendleton.
* Remove trailing slashes in, which break setuptools when
used on Windows.
* Remove support for application-supplied config files. They seemed to be
causing more problems than they solved, and none of the built-in ones
provided more than a few lines of logic.
* Remove the default "runserver" program, for the same reasons as above.
* Add setting and option to specify the supervisord config file; that's
SUPERVISOR_CONFIG_FILE and --config-file respectively.
* Add "templated" template filter to apply templating to other config files;
thanks Michael Rooney.
* Make autoreload include/ignore patterns configurable via settings;
thanks Hannes Struss.
* Don't autoreload when .pyc or .pyo files change, only .py files. This
avoids spurious reloads when a .py file is compiled for the first time.
* Ensure that the forked autoreload subprocess exits; thanks rassie.
* Limit autoreload callback firing to once per second; thanks rassie.
* Use watchdog for the auto-reload mechanism instead of continuously
polling the filesystem; thanks jezdez.
* Fix ` supervisor getconfig` to work with the changes introduced
in version 0.2.5; thanks sebleier.
* Fix ` supervisor reload` to actually work, with the handy
benefit of also reloading the config file from disk; thanks jezdez.
* Support for Django-1.4-style project directory layout; thanks j4mie.
* Add --project-dir option; thanks j4mie.
* Add --pidfile and --logfile options; this is helpful when hooking the
` supervisor` script into system init scripts.
* Fix handling of "--" in options list.
* Explicitly use {{ PYTHON }} {{ PROJECT_DIR }}/ in all default
recipes. Using just {{ PROJECT_DIR }}/ can be troublesome if
the #! line in doesn't match the version of python you're
using on the command-line.
* Stop trying to parse options intended for supervisorctl.
* Ensure the auto-generated username is less than 8 characters. (This
works around an authentication bug in some versions of supervisord).
* Many tweaks to the default configuration based on early user feedback.
* More flexibility in selecting programs via command-line options. You
can now override both the "autostart" and "exclude" options:
-l/--launch => launch program automatically on startup
-n/--nolaunch => don't launch automatically, but keep in config
-x/--exclude => entirely remove program from the config
-i/--include => keep program from the config
* Rename "autorestart" to "autoreload" since the former is an existing
supervisord option that means something very different. Also:
* Allow selecting a subset of processes to auto-relod, via config file
or command-line switch.
* Add --noreload command-line switch to disable the autoreloader
* Add a contrib supervisord.conf for django-ztask.
* Add "getconfig" command, to print the final merged config to stdout.
* In debug mode, provide an "autorestart" process that watches your code
and restarts all processes when something changes.
* project-specific config: allow pre-specified [program] sections to be
completely removed from the config, by specifying exclude=true.
* project-specific config: allow a [program:__overrides__] section to
override options in all program sections at once. Useful for things
like globally switching autostart on/off or redirecting stderr.
* app-specific config files: use only one of management/supervisord.conf
or contrib/<appname>/supervisord.conf, never both. This prevent us
from accidentally conflicting with settings specified by app authors.
* Initial release; you might say *everything* has changed.