Various experiments (semantic web, python, c++, crypto, and some other things ;))
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Various experiments

This repository contains various experiments I've done and I wanted to share with others.

Playing with SPARQL and DBPedia

I wanted to play a bit with DBPedia and the information about languages. It is possible to get information about the languages that were influenced by a given one, and the ones that influenced this language. The influences/ script generates a tree of those languages and can output a nice graph for you.

To generate the graph:

$ python influences/ python dot | dot -Tpng > influences.png

Which generates the following picture:

Playing with nginx logfiles

I was wondering what the traffic on the different websites I have was, and thus made a little script to extract informaton from nginx logs.

You can find it on To use it:

$ python nginx-access.log other-logfile.log

And it will generate some nice stuff for you: