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We'll keep you up to date with what we've released so you at least have a gist of what goes into each update. For the most part, we'll try to list things out as detailed as we see necessary.

3.2.2- November 10, 2012

This patch fixes a typo found in the tabs plugin.

3.2.1- November 9, 2012

This patch include bug fixes for various elements, such as:

  • Adding a missing line for mqueries.scss into app.scss
  • Height of fixed magellan element
  • Update viewport tag with initial-scale
  • Dropdown button fixes
  • Clearing bug fixes
  • Added a font-smoothing variable
  • Added close support to accordions
  • Removed deep linking hashes from tabs
  • Topbar now resets on close for small layouts

3.2- October 26, 2012

With this update we've revamped our documentation to be more organized and explain details regarding Scss, Compass and Javascripts.

The updates to Foundation itself are as follows:

  • Added Magellan, a plugin for building design agnostic sticky navs that know where you are on the page.
  • Added Joyride, our plugin for creating tours of your website or app.
  • Added Clearing, our new responsive image gallery lightbox plugin.
  • Cleaned up Orbit a bit. We now use opacity on each slide so you don't have stacking problems or different image size problems. You can now optionally stack slides on mobile. Orbit can now be swipable on mobile as well.
  • Updated Reveal
  • Updated index files to use defined header and footer structure
  • Cleaned up some Compass included
  • RTL for ui and navbar.
  • Tabs can now use unordered lists or definition lists, replacing the definition title with an li.section-title.
  • Added definition list styles.
  • Added mobile-#-up classes to use in conjunction with regular block-grid classes for a different mobile grid.
  • Updated block grids to be really flexible and customizable based on a variable.
  • Added better responsive styling for tooltips.
  • Separated all media queries into their own file for easy droppping.
  • Updated modular scale to use new functions, doesn't effect end-users.
  • Updated visibility classes to use inherit instead of block to accomodate for spans.
  • Removed HTML5 Shiv from header since its included in modernizr.
  • Added pricing tables UI element
  • Added many new Scss variables to control styling for things like: topbar, clearing, joyride, pricint tables, etc.
  • Bug fixes for Topbar.
  • Added 5 HTML templates to the add-ons section.

3.1.1- September 19, 2012

Updating Top Bar navigation implementation pattern to wrap .contain-to-grid and/or .fixed around the nav element to prevent horizontal scroll bars when using .contain-to-grid. Updated the topBar breakpoint option so users only need to update the Scss variable.

3.1- September 14, 2012

Launched new features, a new Add-ons section to the marketing site, Right to left language support, and fixed bugs.

With this release of Foundation, we include:

  • Downloadable HTML template pages that can be copy/pasted into an existing project or added to your project upon downloading from the customizer.
  • The Add-on's section includes a round-up of all the playground pieces, etc that aren't officially included in Foundation, but built to work with it. This includes: Templates, Icon Fonts, Off-Canvas Layouts, Responsive Tables, SVG Social Icons, and Omnigraffle Stencils.
  • Foundation now includes a responsive top navigation bar that lets you have control over when it responds and what you include in it. We've made it really easy to customize using Scss.
  • Right-to-left language support straight out of the box. You can adjust this in the settings.scss file or upon downloading with the customizer.
  • New UI Styles for Progress Bars and Image Thumbs.
  • Updated to include jQuery 1.8.1
  • Orbit thumbnail documentation.
  • Better Reveal size documentation.

3.0.9- August 14, 2012

Bug fixes and locking down dependencies.

3.0.8- August 10, 2012

Numerous bugfixes. Added media query toggle plugin. Removed marketing site from repository and included a new test/ directory to help contributors test patches.

New features: Media Query Toggler, block-grid mobile layouts, font-size customizer options and included modular scale gem as dependancy for SCSS version.

3.0.7- July 30, 2012

Numerous JS bug fixes, added generators for Rails and refactored SCSS directory for better maintainability and scalability over time. CSS files weren't affected by this refactoring.

3.0.6- July 20, 2012

Numerous bugfixes including dropdown buttons on touch devices, Modernizr update with IE8Compat, split button colors, and more. Split out the functions in app.js to be part of the Gem and only initialized in app.js, so you can keep a clean distinction between your JS and Foundation's (if you want to). Added an accordion element.

3.0.5- July 10, 2012

Fixed Compass performance issues by separating out each Foundation file and removing extraneous imports.

3.0.4- July 6, 2012

Fixed a number of bugs around the Sass/Gem installs and documentation. Some smaller items:

  • Fixed a bug with dropdown buttons to allow clicking on their anchors again.
  • Added styles for HTML5 (and other) input styles, not just text.
  • Added error states back to the forms documentation.
  • Flyouts in a nav bar can now expand up as well as down.
  • In SCSS you can now set $base-size correctly, but we're still working to correct modifying the $ratio variable.

3.0.1 to 3.0.3- July 2 to July 4, 2012

Various bug fixes with the downloader, gem, and Sass install.

3.0- June 30, 2012

Initial launch of Foundation 3, deprecating Foundation 2.2.1. Major enhancements include Sass/SCSS development, new grid system with box-sizing: border-box, new form styles, new UI elements, retooled download and install options, new docs, new marketing site.