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Execute a directory of python code following the definition order.

Given a directory structure that looks like such:


GoDo will traverse through this directory running tasks defined in each file.

Tasks are defined as a function decorated with a @task decorator. Tasks defined in a file will be executed in the order in which they are defined.

Task Files

Any file ending in .gd will be read and evaluated as a Python source file. Any function that is decorated by a the @task decorator will be added to the list of tasks to execute.


import os

def first_task():
    print "Yay going and doing stuff!"

def second_task(cfg):
    print "A config option: %s" % cfg["whee"]

Tasks are executed from the same directory where the file that defines them is located.

Complete task file API:

  • @task - Decorate a function so that it will be executed.
  • cd(path) - Used in with statements to change the working directory.
  • run(cmd) - Run a shell command checking the return code.
  • sudo(cmd) - Prepends a command with sudo. Probably won't work if you don't use passwordless sudo. Obviously, that should be fixed.

Config Files

By default, GoDo will look in the base execution directory for a file. (The base execution directory is ./ unless specified on the command line). Alternatively you can specify a path. If a config file is found it is evaluated and passed as a dictionary to any task function that takes an argument.