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imagemounter is a command-line utility and Python package to ease the mounting and unmounting of EnCase, Affuse, vmdk and dd disk images (and other formats supported by supported tools). It supports mounting disk images using xmount (with optional RW cache), affuse, ewfmount and vmware-mount; detecting DOS, BSD, Sun, Mac and GPT volume systems; mounting FAT, Ext, XFS UFS, HFS+, LUKS and NTFS volumes, in addition to some less known filesystems; detecting (nested) LVM volume systems and mounting its subvolumes; and reconstructing Linux Software RAID arrays.

In its default mode, imagemounter will try to start mounting the base image on a temporary mount point, detect the volume system and then mount each volume seperately. If it fails finding a volume system, it will try to mount the entire image as a whole if it succeeds in detecting what it actually is.

This package supports Python 3.5+.


A very basic example of a valid mount is as follows. The command-line utility has much more features, but results vary wildly depending on the exact type of disk you are trying to mount:

# imount lvm_containing_dos_volumesystem_containing_ext4
[+] Mounting image lvm_containing_dos_volumesystem_containing_ext4 using auto...
[+] Mounted raw image [1/1]
[+] Mounted volume 2.0 GiB 4.0.2:Ext4 / [Linux] on /tmp/im_4.0.2_8l86mZ.
>>> Press [enter] to unmount the volume, or ^C to keep mounted...
[+] Parsed all volumes!
[+] Analysis complete, unmounting...
[+] All cleaned up

If you want to see for yourself, you could try executing imount /dev/sda first.


Full documentation of this project is available from or in the docs/ directory.


This package does not require other packages, though termcolor is recommended and pytsk3 is needed if you wish to use this package for volume detection.

Just perform the following commands for a basic installation:

apt-get install xmount ewf-tools afflib-tools sleuthkit
pip3 install imagemounter
imount --check

Use imount --check to verify which packages are (not) installed. Install additional packages as needed.


Since imagemounter is an open source project, contributions of many forms are welcomed. Examples of possible contributions include:

  • Bug patches
  • New features
  • Documentation improvements
  • Bug reports and reviews of pull requests

We use GitHub to keep track of issues and pull requests. You can always submit an issue when you encounter something out of the ordinary.

Not all combinations of file and volume systems have been tested. If you encounter an issue, please try to change some of your arguments first, before creating a new GitHub issue.


Command line utility and Python package to ease the (un)mounting of EnCase, AFF and dd disk images




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