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jquery-ajax-localstorage-cache is a plugin built for jQuery (>1.5.1) and localStorage. It's a fork from the jStorage-dependent original. It provides a client-side cache AJAX responses intended to save bandwith and time.

How to use


		url          : '/post',
		localCache   : true,        // required to use

		cacheTTL     : 1,           // in hours. Optional
		cacheKey     : 'post',      // optional
		isCacheValid : function(){  // optional
			return true;

		success: function(reply) {
			// i can play with my reply ! 

On your AJAX request you get 4 new parameters :

  • localCache
    • Turn localCache on/off
    • Default: false
  • cacheTTL
    • time in hours the entry should be valid.
    • only for this specific ajax request
    • Default : 5 hours
  • cacheKey
    • CacheKey is the key that will be used to store the response in localStorage. It allow you to delete your cache easily with the localStorage.removeItem() function.
    • Default: URL + TYPE(GET/POST) + DATA
  • isCacheValid
    • This function must return true or false. On false, the cached response is removed.
    • Default: null


  • You can delete the cache by using localStorage.clear().
  • Note that you can pre-load content with this plugin. You just have do to the same AJAX request without a success callback and the same cacheKey.


This project is distributed under Apache 2 License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.