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- The setting 'stop' wasn't working on window.
- The set of settings can be accessed from within the onBefore as 'this'.
- The hash is set before scrolling, so the back button works (when scrolling the window).
- The option hash doesn't make the window jump when scrolling overflown elements (making it usable).
- $.localScroll.hash now resets the element by default
- Various enhancements, updated to take advantage of scrollTo +1.4.x
- The element that triggered the scroll cannot be accessed anymore (useless).
- settings.persistent is no longer supported (was deprecated)
- areas(from image maps) are now formally supported, it was possible before by setting 'lazy' to true.
- When hash:true, a queue problem could arise.
- LocalScroll can now be safely combined with SerialScroll(1.2.0 or higher).
- If onBefore returns false, the event is ignored.
- Relicensed from GPL to GPL+MIT.
- Added an extra check for an odd behavior of Firefox that it throws an error when checking the 'hash' attribute of a named anchor.
* Small improvements to make the code shorter.
* Made the code to set the hash in the url, cleaner.
* Added the option 'lock', if true, the plugin will ignore events if already animating.
* Renamed the option 'persistent' to 'lazy', I didn't like the name. Using persistent will still work (backwards compatibilty)
* Replaced a $('[name='+id+']') for a document.getElementsByName(id) to improve perfomance.
* Now the last argument received by onBefore when scrolling the window, is no more $(window) but the real element being scrolled.
* Added the option 'stop', if true (default), each click will stop any previous animations of the target.
* Removed the option 'cancel' that wasn't working and added the option 'hash' that does that as it should. After the scroll, the hash is added to the address bar.
* Added $.localScroll.hash( settings ); which will scroll to the given element if the URL contains a valid hash.
* Modified the regular demo, to make it show these last changes.
* The event propagation is not stopped anymore, only the default prevented.
* The option cancel works as expected (not yet)
* Added semicolon to the start, for safe file concatenation
* Changed the default named 'speed' for 'duration', following the change in jQuery.ScrollTo 1.3
* jQuery.ScrollTo 1.3 improved the behavior when scrolling the window, among the different browsers, jQuery.localScroll now delegates this responsability completely.
* Modified the demo according to these changes.
* The third argument of onBefore, is now $(window) if is null (the whole window is scrolled)
* The option 'persistent' has been added, if true, links can be added later, and will still work.
* If 'cancel' is set to false, the default behaviour of the anchor will occur.
* An event can be specified, if click is not the desired one.
* The anchor filter has been optimized.
* A bug was fixed, clicking an anchor with href=# and then a special link, wasn't scrolling.
* The defaults have been made public.
* Instead of letting jQuery.ScrollTo decide, the default speed has been overriden.