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- Removed a redundant code
- If there's no matched container ('target') serialScroll just ignores the call.
- The setting 'interval' implicitely assumes 'force' as true.
- The setting 'stop' wasn't working on window.
- Removed the check that avoids re-scrolling to the same index, this might be desirable sometimes.
- The settings object is exposed in the onBefore as the 'this'.
- Added option 'exclude' to indicate the plugin to exclude some elements from the scrolling items.
- If less items than 'step' are missing, the plugin will firstly show those, and then cycle or not.
- When cycling, the option 'step' is ignored, and the step is 1. So after the last, comes the 1st and the other way around.
- You can notify SerialScroll that the active item changed, by using the event notify.serialScroll.
- Thanks to the event notify, this plugin can be now closely integrated with LocalScroll(1.2.5 or higher).
- Also, thanks to notify, you can call SerialScroll on the same element more than once, and they interact nicely.
- You can specify the option 'target', and then the matched elements become the context of all the selectors,
and target matches the element to be scrolled. This allows you to call SerialScroll on many element at the same time.
- You can combine the options 'jump' and 'lazy' (not adviced if no target is specified).
- LocalScroll and SerialScroll are so compatible, that they can use the same hash of settings.
- Added option 'constant'(true by default), specifies whether the speed must be constant or not.
- Added option 'navigation' to add a group of element to jump to the items.
- If you call the plugin on the same (scrollable)element more than once, the custom events get bound only in the first call.
- The event 'start' no longer receives the interval, you must set it at start, stop/start only pause/restart.
- The next handler was receiving event type 'next' and as target the container.
- Added events start and stop, to manage the autoscrolling.
- The step can be negative, to go in the other way, before it would mess up the duration.
- Relicensed from GPL to GPL+MIT.
- The animation is skipped if a bad position was received or it's the same as the actual. Saving some overhead.
- The plugin binds 3 events to the container to allow external manipulation.
* prev.serialScroll, next.serialScroll, goto.serialScroll.
You use them like this: $(your_container).trigger('next'), $(your_container).trigger('goto', [5]) (0-based index).
If for some odd reason, the element already has any of these events bound, trigger with the namespace.
- Added 2 more arguments to the onBefore callback: actual item collection, index of the actual item in the collection.
- Added option 'interval', can be a number specifying the amount of milliseconds for autoscrolling.
- if 'onBefore' returns false, the plugin will ignore the event.
- Added option 'lazy'.
- First release.