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Apparently imgur has its own endpoint, adding to the bootstrap basic mix

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1 parent f763c97 commit 1d4cdaf16c6dd3187e745dcfd12669c2942e29d0 @coleifer coleifer committed Oct 15, 2012
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1 micawber/
@@ -116,6 +116,7 @@ def bootstrap_basic(cache=None):
pr = ProviderRegistry(cache)
pr.register('http://\S*?\S*', Provider(''))
pr.register('https?://(\S*.)?youtu(\.be/|be\.com/watch)\S*', Provider(''))
+ pr.register('http://(.*imgur\.com/.*)', Provider('')),
pr.register('http://\S*\S*', Provider(''))
pr.register('\S*', Provider(''))
pr.register('http://\S*\S*', Provider(''))

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