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%global nixbld_user "nix-builder-"
%global nixbld_group "nix-builders"
Summary: The Nix software deployment system
Name: nix
Version: @version@
Release: 2%{?dist}
License: LGPLv2+
%if 0%{?rhel}
Group: Applications/System
Source0: %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
%if 0%{?el5}
BuildRoot: %(mktemp -ud %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-XXXXXX)
BuildRequires: perl(DBD::SQLite)
BuildRequires: perl(DBI)
BuildRequires: perl(WWW::Curl)
BuildRequires: perl(ExtUtils::ParseXS)
Requires: /usr/bin/perl
Requires: curl
Requires: perl-DBD-SQLite
Requires: bzip2
Requires: xz
BuildRequires: bzip2-devel
BuildRequires: sqlite-devel
# Hack to make that shitty RPM scanning hack shut up.
Provides: perl(Nix::SSH)
Nix is a purely functional package manager. It allows multiple
versions of a package to be installed side-by-side, ensures that
dependency specifications are complete, supports atomic upgrades and
rollbacks, allows non-root users to install software, and has many
other features. It is the basis of the NixOS Linux distribution, but
it can be used equally well under other Unix systems.
%package devel
Summary: Development files for %{name}
%if 0%{?rhel}
Group: Development/Libraries
Requires: %{name}%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}
%description devel
The %{name}-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use %{name}.
%package doc
Summary: Documentation files for %{name}
%if 0%{?rhel}
Group: Documentation
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: %{name} = %{version}-%{release}
%description doc
The %{name}-doc package contains documentation files for %{name}.
%package -n emacs-%{name}
Summary: Nix mode for Emacs
%if 0%{?rhel}
Group: Applications/Editors
BuildArch: noarch
BuildRequires: emacs
Requires: emacs(bin) >= %{_emacs_version}
%description -n emacs-%{name}
This package provides a major mode for editing Nix expressions.
%package -n emacs-%{name}-el
Summary: Elisp source files for emacs-%{name}
%if 0%{?rhel}
Group: Applications/Editors
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: emacs-%{name} = %{version}-%{release}
%description -n emacs-%{name}-el
This package contains the elisp source file for the Nix major mode for
GNU Emacs. You do not need to install this package to run Nix. Install
the emacs-%{name} package to edit Nix expressions with GNU Emacs.
%setup -q
# Install Perl modules to vendor_perl
# need to be changed to make this global; however, this will
# also affect NixOS. Use discretion.
%{__sed} -i 's|perl5/site_perl/$perlversion/$perlarchname|perl5/vendor_perl|' \
# - override docdir so large documentation files are owned by the
# -doc subpackage
# - set localstatedir by hand to the preferred nix value
%configure --localstatedir=/nix/var \
--docdir=%{_defaultdocdir}/%{name}-doc-%{version} \
make %{?_smp_flags}
%{_emacs_bytecompile} misc/emacs/nix-mode.el
%if 0%{?el5}
find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT -name '*.la' -exec rm -f {} ';'
# Fix symlink: we want to link to the versioned soname, not to the
# unversioned one that'd be put in -devel
pushd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{perl_vendorarch}/auto/Nix/Store
ln -sf %{_libdir}/nix/
# Specify build users group
echo "build-users-group = %{nixbld_group}" > $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_sysconfdir}/nix/nix.conf
# make per-user directories
for d in profiles gcroots;
mkdir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/nix/var/nix/$d/per-user
chmod 1777 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/nix/var/nix/$d/per-user
# fix permission of nix profile
# (until this is fixed in the relevant Makefile)
chmod -x $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_sysconfdir}/profile.d/
# systemd not available on RHEL yet
%if ! 0%{?rhel}
# install systemd service descriptor
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_prefix}/lib/systemd/system
cp -p misc/systemd/nix-daemon.service \
# Copy the byte-compiled mode file by hand
cp -p misc/emacs/nix-mode.elc $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_emacs_sitelispdir}/
# we ship this file in the base package
rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_defaultdocdir}/%{name}-doc-%{version}/README
make check
getent group %{nixbld_group} >/dev/null || groupadd -r %{nixbld_group}
for i in $(seq 10);
getent passwd %{nixbld_user}$i >/dev/null || \
useradd -r -g %{nixbld_group} -G %{nixbld_group} -d /var/empty \
-s %{_sbindir}/nologin \
-c "Nix build user $i" %{nixbld_user}$i
chgrp %{nixbld_group} /nix/store
chmod 1775 /nix/store
%if ! 0%{?rhel}
# Enable and start Nix worker
systemctl enable nix-daemon.service
systemctl start nix-daemon.service
%dir %{_libdir}/nix
%exclude %dir %{perl_vendorarch}/auto/
%if ! 0%{?rhel}
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/profile.d/
%dir %{_sysconfdir}/nix
%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/nix/nix.conf
%files devel
%files doc
%docdir %{_defaultdocdir}/%{name}-doc-%{version}
%files -n emacs-%{name}
%files -n emacs-%{name}-el
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