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- Fixed pyre2 to work with latest version of re2 (axiak) (issue #3)
0.2.10) 2010-12-08
- Added .flags to pattern to make that transparent (axiak)
- Added Python re unit tests (itsadok)
- Fixed error compatibility (axiak)
- Fixed group spans to be translated to their decoded positions (itsadok)
- Fixed test_bug_1140 in unit test (itsadok)
- Handle \n in replace manually (itsadok)
- Return an interator from finditer (itsadok)
- Have re.compile() accept SRE objects (moreati, itsadok)
- Fixed findall to use group(1) if available (itsadok)
- Fixed a mistaken use of verbose (itsadok)
- Fixed a memory leak in replacement (itsadok)
- Match delete[] to new[] calls to fix more memory leaks (itsadok)
- Change split to handle empty matches to be more compatible with sre.c (itsadok)
- Added group property to match re (itsadok)
- Added the ability to fallback to old re in case of back references (itsadok)
- Allow multiple arguments to group() (itsadok)
- Fixed infinite loop in pathological case of findall(".*", "foo")
0.2.8) 2010-07-27
- Added .expand() to group objects (axiak)
- Input patterns are now kept for Python compatibility (alec)
- Fixed 64-bit support (alec)
- Fixed findall to support python symantics (alec)