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TODO for hackatons
Inconcrete things to do
* Compile radare2 on many OS and platforms as possible
- Windows? 32/64 bits (mingw32, cygwin)
- OSX?
- Solaris? (-lsocket ..)
* Test w32 bins with rabin2, r2, ..
* Implement process launcher wrapper // anybody
- opens xterm and redirects stdin/stdout/stderr
- Allows to change chroot
- Allows to setup chroot
- Define uid/gid
- sleep before exec
- show pid before exec
* Write Vala applications
- Test the current .vapi files
- Add missing methods/classes in vapi files
- Examples can be found in swig/vapi/t
- Propose new APIs and usage
- Vala is a good way to express code
* Clean warnings
- Find missing function signatures in libr/include/.h
- R_APIfy those APIs (sync with vapi)
Concrete TODO points
* r_io
- We need a way to get the underlying file which responds
to the read call (this way we can know which library
lives at a specified offset. (is this already done?)
* r_bin
- Implement more get_main() (NOOB)
- Add DEX file format support
- Find why objdump can find stripped symbols with objcopy (see /TODO)
* radare2
- Use r_bin with r_io to get symbols
- The offset to read will define the module to analyze and retrieve syms
- Import msdn doc as comments
* r_db
- Implement iterators r_db_next() and r_db_prev() (HIGH PRIO)
- Write test programs to ensure the data is stored correctly
* r_search
- The pattern finding functions are not following the design
of the rest of the library, it needs a redesign and code cleanup
(see bytepat.c)
- Implement radare/src/xrefs.c into r_search
- Add support to change the case sensitive of searchs (ignore case)
- This must be keyword-based. Not globally
- Sync vapi (r_search_regexp not implemented)
- Enable/disable nested hits? (discuss+ implement in parent app?)
- Just skip bytes until end of keyword