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Changes from radare 1.x
There are some changes between 1.x and 2.x branches, they are
obviously structurally completely different. But in essence
the user interface has been keeped as much as similar but
some changes have been done to fit better the new possibilities
of the refactor.
List of things that has changed:
- Debugger interface is no longer depending on the io layer
Now, r_core ships the 'd' command that stands for 'debug'.
'ds' for step, 'db' for breakpoint, 'dr' for registers...
- Everything is a module
As we have splitted all the basic elements into libraries and
all the extensions for each module as plugins we can either
extend the program and allow any module directly interact
with each other. This fixes the limitation of symbol visibilty
between plugins allowing for example to use libr-py from inside
the core reusing the already loaded libraries in memory.
- Source address is now accessible from lot of commands
To speed up the execution of some commands that dont need to
read memory to get a source address they now receive an
optional argument to specify the offset. Here's a simple
example: "f foo @ 0x300" can be now expressed as "f foo 0x300"