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There is a way to implement dynamic language plugins for radare...
A stub generator will be appreciated to create all the necessary
boilerplate to write a single .c file calling the perl/python/ruby
interface from each method hook.
We should define a common and simple way to design those inter-
language communications.
With this interface properly defined we can get some more fun and
write the language bindings using the same lang-C api.
A simple perl script can be used to parse function signatures and
enums to fill the structures in the proper way (SWIG replacement)
help is welcome!
some random food:
#include <r_lang_lib.h>
static int disassemble(struct r_asm_t *a, struct r_asm_aop_t *aop, ut8 *buf, ut64 len)
LANG_PERL_SET_U8P("$buf", buf);
LANG_PERL_SET_U64("$len", len);
"print \"Hello World $len\";
$ret = 1;")
return LANG_PERL_GET($ret);
PLUGIN_ASM("asm_ppc", "PPC disassembly plugin", NULL, NULL, &disasm, NULL);