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A WSGI Proxy using requests.


With pip:

$ pip install requests_proxy


Create a proxy:

>>> from requests_proxy import Proxy
>>> proxy = Proxy(application_url)

Then use it. Here is an example with WebOb but you can use it like a classic WSGI application:

>>> from webob import Request
>>> req = Request.blank('/form.html')
>>> resp = req.get_response(proxy)
>>> print(resp.text)

The Proxy application accept some keyword arguments. Those arguments are passed to requests during the process. By default allow_redirects and verify are set to False but you can change the behavior:

>>> proxy = Proxy(application_url, verify=True, allow_redirects=True,
...               max_redirects=10)


This proxy does not totally respect the RFC. Chunked Transfer-Encoding in request headers are not supported. Also if you plan to upload some large file, the proxy is not able to stream the content. (Mostly because requests is not able to stream requests' body)

If you need a more robust WSGI proxy, have a look at restkit.contrib.wsgi_proxy