Simple viewer for ics in mutt
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Mutt ICS

Ever received a meeting notification in an email? Ever wanted to have a quick glance at that .ics file and know what is that meeting about, where is it going to happen and who is participating?

I did. So I made this little script.


For now this is kind of ugly, since I'm the only user of this. :-) Maybe one day I'll make something decent out of this. Please file a ticket if you want to give me a boost.

The steps are:

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone git:// mutt-ics
  2. Install requirements (virtualenv recommended, though not necessary)

    cd mutt-ics
    virtualenv .env
    .env/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Create a launcher script somewhere in your $PATH:

    cat > ~/bin/show_ics <<EOF
    $PATH_TO_STUFF/.env/bin/python $PATH_TO_STUFF/src/ $@
    chmod u+x ~/bin/show_ics
  4. Add the following line in your .mailcap file:

    text/calendar;      ~/bin/show_ics; copiousoutput
  5. Add the following line in your .muttrc file:

    auto_view text/calendar

You're done. I guess. Maybe I forgot something. Again, file a ticket if I did.