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The PrOgramming laNguages anD software Engineering Research (PONDER) Lab at CUNY.


  1. Python script to mine for GitHub issues + comments and classify them.

    Python 4

  2. An Eclipse plug-in research prototype for automatically rejuvenating log statement levels using degree of interest

    Java 2 3

  3. Refactorings for optimizing Java 8 stream client code for greater parallelism and efficiency.

    Java 6 10

  4. A refactoring prototype plug-in for Eclipse that migrates Java skeletal implementations to enhanced interfaces.

    Java 3 2

  5. A research prototype Eclipse plugin that refactors Java legacy code to make use of the new enum program construct that was introduced in Java 5.

    Java 3 2

  6. A tool for early detection of broken pointcuts in evolving Aspect-Oriented software

    Java 1


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