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Releases: pongasoft/vst-sam-spl-64

Version 1.5.0

27 Apr 18:28
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  • Added support for MP3, Flag, Ogg Vorbis (in addition to WAV and AIFF)
  • Added error message when issue with loading file
  • Fixed sound issues with Bitwig Studio
  • Fixed drag and drop bug
  • Migrated to Jamba 6.2.1 / VST SDK 3.7.5

Version 1.4.3

04 Jan 16:10
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  • Minor change to ensure memory deletion in UI happens outside the critical section
  • Added support for Apple Chipset / universal build on macOS

Version 1.4.2

09 Dec 15:32
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Release notes:

  • Migrated to Jamba 5.1.1 / VST SDK 3.7.1
  • Using shared buffers to minimize memory usage and avoid loading the sample over and over
  • Scrollbar overview now displays the stereo sample

Version 1.4.1

03 Aug 15:42
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  • Improved performance when loading a large file (especially on Windows 10)
  • Display a warning dialog if loading a large file to allow to continue or cancel

Version 1.4.0

27 Apr 16:16
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  • Added slices display in the main waveform (Play tab)
  • Improved performances (less disk access)
  • Fixed several issues when file sample rate doesn't match DAW sample rate
  • Some minor UI tweaks

Version 1.3.0

30 Mar 16:25
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  • The number of slices can now vary smoothly between 1 and 64 thus allowing higher precision
    • A new LCD window displays the number of slices (and as a shortcut, you can click and drag on the window to change the value)
    • Up and down arrows let you change the number of slices in whole numbers
    • A knob on the edit tab lets you freely change the number of slices
    • Shortcuts for 1/16/32/48/64 slices can be used
    • Thanks to Denis S. for suggesting the feature (based on the behavior of the Akai MPC 1000)

Version 1.2.0

18 Mar 18:09
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  • Added Settings tab
  • Moved Root Key to Settings tab
  • Added Cross Fade setting (on by default) to avoid pops and clicks
  • Added Routing setting to handle mono file (mono -> mono or mono -> stereo)

Note that Cross Fade and Stereo Routing are on by default because this is what makes the most sense for the vast majority of use cases. As a result, projects using this device may sound slightly different after this update. Disabling cross fade and/or stereo routing will revert to the behavior prior to this update.

Version 1.1.0

09 Feb 19:03
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  • Added "follow" option so that the selected slice follows MIDI input (ex: via MIDI keyboard)
  • Added "Quick Edit Mode" to be able to quickly and conveniently see/configure the settings of each slice (loop/reverse)
  • Added "Loop" action to loop on/off all slices at once (note that if not all slices are looped, then hitting "Loop" will make them all loop)
  • Added "Reset" action to resets the settings (loop/reverse) of all slices at once

Version 1.0.0

19 May 17:36
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This is the first official release

Version 0.9.1 - Debug / Demo only

10 Feb 17:47
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Second debug / demo release for testing and feedback.