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Kantega Web Application Security Hero Challenge (KWASHC)


Developed for an in house training challenge for employees. The main goals with the challenge was to educate developers about security risks for web applications.

The concept is to give all the participants the Java code for a simple blog implementation (webapp project). Then each participant or team registers their blog application on the server. The server then tests a set of know security risks against the application. While learning about security risks, the participant are challenged to fix them, with help both from the test server and the ones holding the challenge. The first participant or team to have all risks fixed wins.

Fixing a risk does not necessarily mean the risk is completely removed, as both test and fix might not be correctly implemented. Either way the challenge tries to educate and create awareness about each risk, which is the most important part of the challenge.

The security risks are mostly based on the OWASP Top 10. list, but a few additional risks have also been added.



  • Apache Maven 3.x
  • JVM 6.x (7.x for all tests to work, see SSLProtocolTest for more info)
  • Direct network connection to all clients
  • Internet connection for downloading maven dependencies


  • Apache Maven 3.x
  • JVM 6.x (7.x for all tests to go green, but let the participants find out themselves, see SSLProtocolTest for more info)
  • A decent IDE, like IDEA, Eclipse
  • Internet connection for downloading maven dependencies


Build and run server

    mvn clean install
    cd server
    mvn jetty:run

Build and run client

    cd webapp
    mvn clean install jetty:run

Create Eclipse project with correct path for depenencies

    cd webapp
    mvn eclipse:eclipse
    mvn -Declipse.workspace="your Eclipse Workspace" eclipse:configure-workspace


Anders Båtstrand   idea, framework and tests
Espen A. Fossen    framework and additional tests
Øystein Øie        framework and additional tests
Frode Standal      additional tests
Espen Hjertø       web design


For ideas, suggestions or other non spam inquiries:

anders.batstrand at kantega dot no
espen.fossen at kantega dot no