overlaped comment movie player for iOS using ffmpeg
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pontago and pontago - FFmpegを最新バージョンに差し替え。
- コメント非表示時にシークするとコメントが表示されてしまう問題を修正。
- VP6の動画が上手く再生出来ない問題を改善。
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NicoMoviePlayer - A movie player for iOS based on kxmovie.

Build Instructions

First you need to configure and build FFmpeg. For this, open console and type in:

cd FFmpegBuild

Build Instructions

NicoMoviePlayer is available through CocoaPods, to install it simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'CPSlider'
pod 'FontAwesomeKit'


KxMovieViewController *movieViewController = [KxMovieViewController movieViewControllerWithContentPath:path parameters:nil];
movieViewController.videoComment = @[
       @"vpos": @(0),
       @"body": @"NicoNico",
       @"position": @(COMMENT_POSITION_NORMAL),
       @"fontSize": @(COMMENT_SIZE_NORMAL),
       @"color": @(0xffffff),
[self presentViewController:movieViewController animated:YES completion:NULL];


At least iOS 7.0 and iPhone 4 (because of iOS 7 requirements).


This project uses the following 3rd party libraries:

  • kxmovie
  • CPSlider
  • FontAwesomeKit