Donoussa is a minimalistic PHP MVC framework
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Donoussa is a minimalistic PHP MVC framework, simple and easy to use. It combines FLAT PHP code writing freedom with basic MVC features. It bears the name of the small Greek island Donoussa

It could be useful in small/medium-size projects. PHP 5.3.0 or newer is recommended. Tested with PHP 7

Copyright Christos Pontikis

License MIT

At a glance

  • copy index.dist.php to /index.php (front controller)
  • copy .htaccess.dist to /.htaccess (Apache mod_rewrite required)
  • copy settings.dist.php to conf/settings.php and configure
  • copy init.dist.php to conf/init.php and configure it
  • add donoussa tables in a database (page_properties, page_dependencies, page_url), see sql folder. In table page_dependencies create columns for each key in array $conf['dependencies'] (example in settings.dist.php).

MVC comparison

Compare Advanced MVC Frameworks Donoussa
Front controller YES Index.php is the single point of entry for all requests (using mod_rewrite) YES Index.php or any other (using mod_rewrite)
Number of files Many 7
Friendly URLs YES YES
URL structure according standard MVC patterns, e.g. http://domain/controller/action/id Any URL structure e.g. http://domain/any_url
Code Directory structure Usually /models /views /controllers /config Any directory structure (recommended /conf)
Controllers Front controller will establish a "loader" object to “translate” the requested URL into an instance of the relevant controller class. Controllers, models and views are individual files organized in relevant folders of the same name. Front controller will include the appropriate “model” and “view” using Dynamic Lookup Invocation from database (or memcached, json, xml etc)
Views Views can be either stand-alone or use a template Views are HTML files with embedded PHP
Database abstraction layer YES YES (MySQLi, PostgreSQL)
User/Roles functionality YES YES
AJAX CSRF protection Usually YES
Class Autoloading YES NO
Use a Registry object YES NO
Multilanguage support Usually YES (using gettext and php-intl)
Manage assets (CSS, JS) Usually (using Composer Assets are managed internally. Minify and bundle option available (Javascript Minifier built in PHP and CssMin minfier Force reload JS and CSS assets using pseudo query string.
Prevent direct URL download ? YES
Integrated unit testing support Usually NO

External classes


See docs/doxygen/html for html documentation.

See also example folder.